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Have you seen the news? It’s affecting your finances.

To say there is a lot going on in the news is an understatement. With every issue, problem and crisis there are financial ramifications. With all that is happening make certain your financial house is in order and that a trusted person knows how to gain access to your information. 

Welcome to America 2.0.

As we begin to reopen, I am fairly confident the economy will look different than prior to Covid-19. Conceptually, we can look at the numerous changes as America 2.0. I suspect the cost of living will increase in America 2.0

COVID-19 is trying to infect your retirement. Don't let it.

These are difficult financial times for many households. Unfortunately, many still of work age have dipped into their retirement savings to get them through these difficult times. Accessing these funds may be convenient, but before touching make certain all other alternatives have been considered.

The fine line between your health and your livelihood.

Thanks to technology we have been taking care of business by talking to and servicing our clients. In fact we have welcomed a number of new clients to the fold during the shut- down. Our current challenge is when and how do we reopen our office in a safe manner for everyone?